BrockwaY glider kit

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BrockwaY glider kit

Postby V8Brockway361TL » Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:01 pm

I knew I had this put away somewhere. Wonder if Manny will still honor the price. I remember I got this flyer at the diesel drags in Englishtown NJ. many years ago. They had a glider truck there and if I remember right they were not allowed to use the BrockwaY logo's. I asked Manny about that a few years ago and said Mack Truck was not happy with them
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Re: BrockwaY glider kit

Postby rhjj » Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:35 pm

Too bad we could not a Brockway glider today. Mack is getting a taste of Volvo now, it wont be pretty for Mack soon, paybacks a bitch.
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Re: BrockwaY glider kit

Postby Green Giant2 » Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:41 pm


If not mistaken the old owner told me that MANNY sold this as a glider. Sold as a 1983 . Had a lot of problems with mack over it. Now owned by Kohorst family.
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Re: BrockwaY glider kit

Postby Sled Dog » Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:17 pm

I bought a glider kit from Manny in February of 1988. It became a N776LL and has a van body on it. Paid about $20,000 for the frame, cab, sheet metal and a number of miscellaneous pieces, plus a couple gold dogs thrown in the deal.
There were a dozen or so 761 tilt hoods and a lot of 776 cabs.
The warehouse still had all the little brackets etc and outside a lot of miscellaneous frames and 550 cabs
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Re: BrockwaY glider kit

Postby rhjj » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:55 pm

Wish we could still order a glider.
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