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 Post subject: Throwout / Release Bearing Help
PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:10 am 
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Hey guys...

Looking for some advice here...

I ran into an issue with the throw out bearing with my Continental to Cummins swap. With the original 14” Lipe Rollway clutch, Model 140-1-504, the coil spring to release the clutch sticks out exactly 1 1/2" from the bell housing...



Using the clutch recommended by Valair, a 14" Lipe MU140-61-1686, the fingers to release the clutch are recessed into the bell housing a little less than 1/16”...


So basically I need to extend my throwout / release bearing 1 1/2". To do this I looked at several options, including adding a (1) 1 1/2" spacer behind the original throwout bearing sleeve, (2) machining a spacer (extension) that presses where the original bearing sits, (3) Finding a different throwout bearing sleeve setup or (4) finding a different clutch.

With option 2 and 3, the main issue is not being able to get grease to the bearing. By locating the bearing 1 1/2" closer to the clutch, it will no longer ride on the collar the splined shaft fits through. I did consider drilling the bearing and installing a grease fitting, but I’m not sure if it will work. Even a shallow fitting may interfere with the balls and the fitting will rotate with the bearing.

So here are the specifics....

The original throwout bearing is a BCA 2375-F (which is stamped 2375-17). It has a bore of 2.3745”, an OD of 3.500”, bearing width 0.73” and overall width of 0.8045”.


The sleeve the bearing presses on has a bore of 1.88”, a fork groove of 3.375”, and overall diameter of 4.25” and a fork to face dimension of 2” ...




So basically I need the same type of sleeve but with a fork to face dimension of 3.5” (2” + 1 1/2"). The closest I could find is FA02256C but the bore is 1.9445”. I need 1.88” and I believe .065” will make it too loose... ... rucks.aspx

I also looked at a Spicer 187140 / Newstar S-9208 / Eaton Fuller SP187140 but I can’t find any dimensions. I did have a guy on eBay send me some pics but I suspect the fork diameter is different.

For reference, here are two links that I have been using to find dimensions, etc...

Phoenix Friction ... ?pagenum=1

And AMS Automotive...

So does anyone have any thoughts?



Tom Millard


 Post subject: Re: Throwout / Release Bearing Help
PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:42 am 

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How about a billet made collar of custom length?


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