Late 20s / Early 30s Brockway-Indiana heavy duty truck

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Late 20s / Early 30s Brockway-Indiana heavy duty truck

Postby dieselsteveo » Wed Jan 10, 2018 12:55 pm

We are looking to recreate a historically-significant truck for Cummins. It is an Indiana-branded truck made during the Brockway-Indiana period from 1927-1932. Cummins obtained the truck in 1930 so the actual truck was likely made in 1928-29, but we do not care about the exact build year as long as we find a truck with identical or near-identical appearance.

We do not know the exact model/rating, but it is a heavy-duty, long frame, single rear axle. When we got the truck in 1930, we put a 4cyl Model U engine in it and drove it coast-to-coast on $11.22 worth of fuel ($165.73 in today's money). We then remove the U and put in Model H engine and drove it around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a non-stop distance record. After that, we drove the truck around, usually with our 1931 Indy Race car in the back, to various shows and locations as a marketing tool. Then the truck disappeared.

Our desire is to recreate this truck, complete with a Model H engine. This would mean replacing the engine and repainting whatever truck we get, so we would prefer a truck that looks correct but isn't historically 'perfect'. We're historians too - the last thing we want to do is ruin a historically-accurate truck to make a truck for us that, no matter what, will always be a recreation.

Finally, while this is for Cummins and Cummins is a large company with lots of money, our history team is not flush with cash. Our team is volunteers because Cummins won't pay us - if that gives you an idea. We will consider all reasonable offers (or donations!), but over-inflated offers will be declined no matter how great the truck is, sorry.

If you own such a truck that you're willing to part with, or know of someone who does, any help will be appreciated.
1929 brockway oil truck.jpg
Photo of a Brockway from the 2010 show that would be perfect :)
Photo of the original Cummins-powered Indiana truck
Photo of the original Cummins-powered Indiana truck
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Re: Late 20s / Early 30s Brockway-Indiana heavy duty truck

Postby steve s. » Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:21 pm

Brockway and Indiana used the same cab and similar sheet metal on several models during their association, including I believe, the truck you are looking for. It may be easier to find a Brockway and re-label it as an Indiana, than to find an Indiana. I recall seeing a picture of a Brockway of that vintage half buried in a barn somewhere. Any way good luck. Sounds like a great project.
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Re: Late 20s / Early 30s Brockway-Indiana heavy duty truck

Postby crashcrawford » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:10 am

This sure would be great to follow. Please keep us updated. And I'm sure we will all keep our eyes open for a candidate!
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