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Jacobs Engine Brake and Kysor Alarm Questions
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Author:  oldspwr [ Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Jacobs Engine Brake and Kysor Alarm Questions


Looking for some help here...

When the jake was installed on Russ' 360 they installed the switches (on/off and 1/2/3) next to the tractor and trailer protection valves. When a 300 series was equipped with a jake from the factory, where did they locate the switches? I would like to locate them in the factory spot if possible. I have seem them here in the past and located the on/off switch for my Dad's 361 here (the 671 engine brake only has on/off, no stage...)


Also, when a Kysor was installed on a 855 Cummins, was the oil pressure switch T'd off the location of where the oil pressure gauge connects on the block? And where does the temperature switch go? Russ's truck came with a Kysor from the factory and I want to reconnect it. The wire to the block was cut when the engine was replaced with the 270.

This is all I could find about the pressure and temp settings...




Author:  Huskiedrive2 [ Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Jacobs Engine Brake and Kysor Alarm Questions

Tom, the Jake switches, on/off and 123, go where you have pictured to the left of the steering wheel. One hole should be there with a plug in it, and the second hole will need to be drilled.
As for the Kysor alarm sending units, the water temperature sender goes in the section of water manifold that holds the thermostat. Follow the de-aeration line, the #4 hose from coming from the radiator top tank, down the the water manifold. There should be at least one pipe plug available there for the sender. Later model Brockways, like the 700 series, when using the Kysor Shut Down system and Cummins power, had the max limit water sender installed in the rear most section of the water manifold. There was a recall on these. Under hood air temperatures coming off of the turbocharger would heat the sender enough to give a false alarm in some operating conditions, especially summer. We were told to check the cooling system for correct operation and move the senders to the t-stat housing like the older trucks.
The Kysor oil pressure sender goes in place of a 1/8 NPT pipe plug on the left side of the block under the fuel pump. There is a plug in the oil galley at each of the cam journals and any can be used. Originally it would have been the one under the fuel pump. The connection for the dash oil pressure gauge should be at the rear most position in this same galley, near the bell housing, just above the starter.
The high limit for the water sender should be rated about 210 degrees on a Cummins, and the oil limit sender should be about 15 psi. Personally I think that's way too low on the oil and I changed mine to 30 psi. If you have an 855 series Cummins and it has less than 30 psi at hot idle, you've got problems. Cummins service manual says 25 psi minimum.

Author:  oldspwr [ Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Jacobs Engine Brake and Kysor Alarm Questions

Great, thanks Stan, that's very helpful!!! Exactly what I needed!!!


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