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Misc Parts For Sale

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:14 pm
by oldspwr
- I have a pair of 24.5 Alcoa aluminum bud wheels I would like to sell. The are the type with the split outer ring. I believe they even have some of the Alcoa decal on them. There are a couple of scratches in the them but I believe they would polish up nice. Will post pics later... Asking $50 each.

- I have a pair of axle bushings for a Neway AR70 air ride suspension. They are 2 3/4" OD, 1 1/8" ID, 5" long, Neway part #900 08 148 (and 149), Dayton 321-231, Euclid E-4410A, Flagg N124. $15 for the pair.

- I have a pair of aluminum mirror arms that came on our 761. I believe they were mounted upside down and they have some rash from antenna brackets, etc. I believe the 'Mountainer' has the exact same brackets. All complete w/o mirrors, $30 for the pair.

- I have several pairs of old school rear brake chamber rear diaphragms for sale. I am not sure what they fit since they have one more hole than all of our 260's. I will post pics and the # of holes later (maybe 19... have to check...) $25 a pair.