Difference between cheap trucks and Brockways

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Difference between cheap trucks and Brockways

Postby Green Giant2 » Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:21 pm

Jacob and I went parts hunting today for frame for his KW and for more brock parts. he found a good frame,cab,and sleeper for his project. I found 1- 761 bumper 2-758 759 bumpers a 359 hood an alum.r model door that will fit a f mod or u model brock. also a home made hood for a 761, looks nice and well done and a 359 pass. fender. asked the guy what he wanted for my stuff and he wanted 300$ plus my alum rims that I couldn't use on the brock which I thought were worth 400$ . I left the fender and made the deal and swapped to make fair exchange. Jacob on the other hand buys a frame,cab and sleeper for 850$. Must be the owner of the yard know's when he's got good parts for brocks and gets good money and regular parts for other brands and lets them go cheap. :lol: remember Jacob, your walking home next time :lol:
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Re: Difference between cheap trucks and Brockways

Postby jacob » Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:38 am

GG you didn't see the horse shoe in my back pocket. And by the way it was $800, not $850. next time I will drive. 8)
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