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Nice work Tom! Too bad about the oil leak. I've had it happen on engines I've done and it's always a big let down after the emotional high of a first start up. Glad you've got it fixed. When is the...
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The key to success is in the surface preparation. Make sure to follow all the mfg's recommendations and use all the related products as directed.
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Huskiedrive2 wrote:Jim - I have had some experience using the various 3M products for panel bonding. Modern Freightliner trucks are skinned using this method and the fleet I helped maintain needed...
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Jim - I have had some experience using the various 3M products for panel bonding. Modern Freightliner trucks are skinned using this method and the fleet I helped maintain needed repairs occasionally...
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Tom Thanks for the kind comments,progress has been slow. I have not done anything with the actual corner windows ,just starting to replace the rusted sections that surround them. The frames I...
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The use of the BrockwaY script and logo are copy writed by the BTPA and the sale of any thing using the above requires written approval and a 10% payment to the BTPA
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Nice Brocky!Glad to see someone is enjoying the warmth and sun. Some nice old unaltered trucks at that show.Stretch
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Paul very interesting as Cicioni is one of the major radiator repair shops in our area.With your detailed pictures like they say one picture is worth 1000 words.
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1971 361 on Craigslist. Not a bad looking truck, at a fair price. brockway in carslile 3000.jpg [ 73.7 KiB | Viewed 714 times ]
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Is this truck still for sale. I would like to buy it

Donated 358 at the 2010 Auction

For this years 2010 auction, Peter Grimm has graciously donated another complete Brockway.  This years truck is a 358 model with a Cummins V8 and Roadranger transmission.  Being a former fuel truck for Citgo, the truck also comes complete with working pump and tank setup.

This truck runs and yards drives and stops and would make an excellent candidate for a restoration.  Also check out the rare quad headlights with were only used for a limited time by Brockway. 

11th Annual National Brockway Truck Show

Sat, 08/14/2010 -
5:00am to 5:00pm

Well another year has almost gone by and here we are again preparing for our 11th Annual Show. This year the show will be held on August 13th and 14th.  This past year has been very busy for us and we are very proud of a number of accomplishments.  We had out 1st Annual Spring Fling which gave everyone time to catch up and visit before the big show.  Along with that we have been steadily making improvements to the museum and I'm sure you will be impressed with how much work has been completed since last years show.  And here were are again patiently counting down the days!!!

Like we mentioned before, if you have any interest in Brockway's, and can only attend one show, this is the one. You will not be disappointed!

The show kicks off with a pre-show barbeque fundraiser which will be held on Friday night from 5 - 8 right at the Museum. This is a good chance have a great meal and check out the how much progress has been made on the Museum. Please keep in mind the barbeque is prepay. All proceeds go to the Brockway National Museum Fund. Click here for more information.

After the barbeque, the auction will start right at 8:00 which will also be held at the Museum. The proceeds from the auction directly benefit the Museum. If you have anything Brockway related that you would contribute to the auction, please click here.

Following the auction we also have fireworks which is something new this year. Everyone enjoys watching fireworks in the summer so make sure you stick around to catch the show. The fireworks will start at 9:30.

First Annual Spring Fling

This past Saturday the Museum hosted it's first ever 'Spring Fling'. The great weather along with the great turnout of both trucks and people made this event a huge success. Even though the show in August is held over two days, it is almost impossible to visit with everyone and see everything. This event provided both the time and space to visit with both old and new friends alike as well as check out the progress on the Museum. Without a doubt a great time was had by all!

First Ever Brockway Spring Fling

Sat, 05/22/2010 - 6:00am

It's official!

The first annual Brockway Spring Fling will be held on May 22, 2010 at the museum in Cortland NY, starting at 10am. We'll have a day to gather and talk trucks, swap stories, swap parts, whatever you decide. Get your Brockway out!

This is a BYO (bring-your-own) type party. If you want to bring a grill, food, and lawn chairs - bring it!

The museum will be open for bathroom access. Come rain or shine! (We will be under the carport if it rains). Come and have fun!

Commissioned Brockway Huskie Statues For Sale

What you see here is the work of an 82 year old artist who was asked to help the museum with a project that will raise money by it's sale... it is a custom creation and not a production piece.

This "Huskie" is hand made. No two will be alike. The work and the effort needed for you to even see this creation was amazing. Created by hand, first there was a hand carved, custom clay mockup. After trial and error, the clay was used to create a mold for this Huskie. Then, the actual creation in fiber glass was fashioned using time honored methods. This is a Limited Edition item and a limited number will ever be built.

This is a scale version of the mascot that greeted visitors to the factory... a large version was over the entryway door. A few years ago, and identical Huskie made a RARE visit to the Brockway Truck Show, held right here in Cortland, N.Y.

Our friend, the Huskie, stands 13 inches tall, which includes the base... He is 19 inches long. The base is 13 inches wide at the front and 10 inches wide at the back. He weighs in at a hefty 18 lbs!

YouTube and Brockway Trucks = Awesome!

YouTube has long been known as an internet website with lots of entertaining short videos, but it has also become home to a number of Brockway Truck related videos. These videos range from highlights of various truck shows, parades, and even dashboard views of 'shifting through the gears'. After each official annual event, members of the Message Board patiently await for other members to post their videos of the trucks entering Main Street waiting to be parked. Some watch it since they were unable to attend the show, and others watch it to get a glimpse -- or to hear -- their own trucks pulling in. No matter the reason, all the videos are enjoyable!

Here is a brief sample of what is available:



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